Transport for people with reduced mobility, MyMobility N°1 on the market

Transport for people with reduced mobility, MyMobility is No.1 on the market.Transport and mobility issues have always been a significant hurdle in the way of progress for many people, especially children and disabled people. Furthermore, MyMobility, the benchmark player in transportation services due to its vast network of transportation services that provide on-demand transportation services in most urban and rural areas. Everyone can have the freedom to travel with ease. The issues in transport are real, and the quality services are all most people need to explore the best of them. So, are you also one of them? If yes, then my mobility services can be the best solution.

What Is MyMobility?

MyMobility is a transportation service company that has been working and evolving in France for over 20 years. Moreover, MyMobility, the actor reference, has enjoyed great prestige from its clients. The company is solving the mobility issue of almost 10,000 people each day with its fleet of 3500 vehicles. Each day, the drivers of MyMobility cover a distance that is equivalent to 7 journeys around the earth. The company was created in 1998 for passenger transportation and has been expanding in all parts of France since then. The company is currently providing services for transportation of children and adults, rental business and is playing a significant role in the development of industry in western France.

Engagement Of MyMobility

MyMobility is constantly marching towards perfection and quality improvement. To obtain that objective, apart from the internal modifications and upgrades, the company is collaborating with other platforms and forums to improve it.

The company is in constant collaboration with the Objective CO2 system that provides the companies with strategies to reduce their carbon footprint and greenhouse effects. MyMobility is contributing to the environment by reducing atmospheric pollution from their transport. The company has obtained a CAP HANDEO Label for its extraordinary services to disabled people. MyMobility also collaborates with government agencies and independent organizations to make the road journey safer.

The Services Of MyMobility

My mobility is very passionate about its services and has a fleet of 3500 drivers, out of which 50% are over the age of 60. The company provides endless services to its customers. Apart from the regular transportation of children, the company also offers other services, which are adapted transport that is perfectly safe and secure for disabled and handicapped people. MyMobility has special transport with a passionate crew to provide disabled people with the best transportation services.

MyMobility is a primary choice for on-demand transport that can take anywhere. There is no limit to the journey or the availability.The company provides mobility services for all with their regular transportation services. The company is a blessing for people who have to go from one place to another on a daily basis regarding their job.

MyMobility also provides vehicle rental services so that you can enjoy the trip in their transport that is available with or without the driver in the best schemes.

Why Choose MyMobility?

MyMobility is not just a transportation service, but it is a way of travel for more than 10,000 regular users. All of the vehicles of MyMobility are inspected regularly so that there are no chances of technical errors in the services. The vehicles are replaced constantly with new cars, and the median age of vehicles is approximately six months. All of our employees are very passionate about their job and are very friendly and kind. The company has maintained excellent service records and currently provides services in most parts of the country. MyMobility won several national and international excellence awards that show its dedication and quality services.

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