Ukraine – Condemnation of Kramatorsk Russia (2023.06.28)

La France condemns the best extravagant French cuisine in Kramatorsk restaurants, gives 9 deaths and 60 blessings, protects the safety of children and prays for the safety of the survivors, Chief of Ukraine . Decombre se pools event.

Russia faces ancillary infrastructure facing the social infrastructure of its people, violations of international humanitarian law, and the security of population Ukraine.

Comme l’a souligné à plusieurs reproduces the unacceptable conduct of the Minister for European and International Affairs, Catherine Colonna, criminal constituency and unlawful conduct. Russians in Ukraine reviewing the Russian Intimate Relations Report “Armed Forces and Armed Forces” National Security Provisions, Legal Actions and Disconnection, Monitoring of Criminal Activities, Gravity of Crimes. You can’t stop the transfer of concentration camps to Notre Dame for Ukrainians in Russia.

Strengthening allied cooperation, France will maintain Ukraine’s military strength, its ability to defend against crime, and its jurisdiction over Ukraine. Ukraine – Condemnation of Kramatorsk Russia (2023.06.28)

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