Union status is frozen (Le Monde Diplomatic

A polling place in Des Moines, Iowa, on November 8, 2022.

M.ore More than a week after the US midterm elections, the final results were still out, but it was already clear that the Republicans would be disappointed. Traditionally, midterm elections bring losses to incumbent parties, as has been the case with Reagan, Clinton, Obama and Presidents Trump. President Biden dodged this bullet. The relief his success has brought may push him to seek another term in 2024 (at his 82nd year).

Nonetheless, Republican control of the House, albeit marginally victorious, is unlikely to be passed over the next two years, as ambitious new Democratic reforms, especially if they have financial implications. That said, a Democratic president could appoint a candidate of his choice to head the nation’s key State Departments and Supreme Court without fear of a hostile Senate vote ( The Senate needs to confirm many of these nominations). There is still bipartisan agreement to step up opposition to China, Russia and Iran and increase the military budget.

Former President Trump, who always loves to brag that he’s “winning” even when he’s losing, is undermined by the results of the midterm elections. Some of his picks, like Ohio, won elections, but many more were shattered, and this time most were elected without inventing non-existent election fraud. I admitted defeat. Trump’s announcement to run for office in 2024 is tainted by this prologue. The triumphant re-election of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis further suggests that it could be tough competition for former White House residents if they want to succeed Biden.

DeSantis’ re-election, with nearly 60% of the vote, is also a reminder that the Democrats have suffered a number of epic defeats that shouldn’t be overshadowed by (relative) victories. Yes, it was supported by more young voters than I expected. Some young voters wanted to defend abortion rights under attack. But states that once rocked, like Florida and North Carolina, now look red. In addition to this, Black and Hispanic voters are no longer voting as the Democratic bloc.

Overall, the most striking feature of these results is that the political climate has emerged as frozen. After two years of political paranoia, huge amounts of money were spent on elections (estimated at $16.7 billion!) and few seats changed. Their normal proportions (although the abortion issue seems to have helped the Democrats). One America, two frozen nations, and already a new conflict between them. Union status is frozen (Le Monde Diplomatic

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