Urban Violence: The Price of Angelism!

Trade destroyed in Yutz (DR)

point of view. The town of Yutz (17,000 inhabitants) in the Moselle, France, did not escape the mob. McDonald’s was burned to the ground, parking lots were ransacked, cars and trash cans were burned. Bernard Aubin asks how this happened.

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Bernard Aubin (DR)

By Bernard Aubin

As elsewhere in France, mobs were rampant in the Moselle. A police station was raided in Hagondange, a police station suffered the same fate in Mézières-les-Metz, seven municipal vehicles were burned in Talange, a school building was set on fire, a shop was looted in Woippy, and the local town hall was destroyed. was set on fire. Buses of Metz and Famec looted, 7 buses set on fire at Mouble Grande, 3 buses set on fire at Pienne, media library at Metz-Bolny set on fire, apartments set on mortar fire, brand new A pedestrian bridge was set on fire. The pride of Thionville’s neighbors has been destroyed. This time the thieves not only looted major cities in France, they also ransacked our doorstep and even in the heavily damaged Yutz.

France, the social powder keg

We were already sounding the alarm when Emmanuel Macron decided to push through pension reform. We warned against this executive tendency to play with fire that has turned France into a social powder keg.
We believe that if the demonstrators’ anger spreads to the ‘banlieu’, or the growing population that challenges our rules and values, a chain reaction could quickly lead to a situation out of control. I warned you.
Well, this social explosion didn’t happen with reform. What finally ignited the fuse was the death of a young man who refused to comply with a police checkpoint.
The ingredients for the explosive cocktail were prepared for a long time. All that was missing was some form of spark. And here we are.

Let’s put the car and the trash can inside! After all, Yutz was not saved!

Yesterday evening a message from the City of Yutz alerted us to “Neighbors Vigilants”. For context, park your car in the garage and don’t leave trash on public roads. In fact, some vehicles could not escape the flames on Rue Vieux Bourg. The same is true for the Terrasse de Provence (Cofimeg) area. A nearby Suzuki garage and its vehicles, as well as public spaces, were also destroyed. Yusowa McDonald was also hit by a fire.

root of evil

We do not ponder what we think is the root of evil. They have long been acquainted with a subset of the public and generations of politicians of varying positions who have favored a go-in-the-sand approach and a bobo attitude rather than the courage that is essential to intellectual matters. It’s all the more so because it’s been done. Resolving.
Today we can see the consequences of ‘mercy’ and ‘tolerance’ can lead to the intolerable situations we are experiencing today.

We are (almost) all responsible for this situation.

When Emmanuel Macron calls for parental responsibility, it is clear that the very foundations of our society are undermining. After all, everything starts with education. The king of children, children left to themselves, the effects of a broken mixed family, babies sent to nursery school almost the day after birth, poor privileged environment, social inequality, parents who are not educated and not inherited. The ‘charity’ of schooling that fosters systemic disputes of rules, constraints, landmarks, histories, values, laziness, erodes culture and free will, and systematically undermines the foundations of liberty, equality, and fraternity. , was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before… Before we can look further into the cause of society’s problems, we need to identify the underlying causes.
“Sommes-nous plus heureux depuis qu’il est interdit d’interdire”? This is the title of an article I published a few weeks ago. Today it has taken on its full meaning. Let us have the courage to start by facing our own daily responsibilities as citizens and parents, before blaming others, ‘society’ in general, the different categories of the French, their elected representatives. . Some do very well, while others do less and less. But that’s where it all starts.

Yutz (57): McDonald's burnt down at night (DR)
Yutz (57): McDonald’s burnt down at night (DR)


Yutz: Burnt Corpse (DR)
Yutz: Burnt Corpse (DR)

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