Vargas Llosa and Controversial Spanish Ex-King Macron Dinner

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French President Emmanuel Macron will have dinner on Friday with exiled Spanish former King Juan Carlos I and Peruvian Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa. The literary prize winner entered the elite French Academy on February 9th.

86 year old novelist Mario Vargas LlosaHe also holds Spanish citizenship, and he caused controversy by inviting the former monarch to his inauguration at the Académie Française in Paris on Thursday.

Considered one of the most influential Latin American writers, Vargas Llosa was the first to become a member of the Académie Française despite having never written a book in French.

Juan Carlos The person who attended the event became king for the first time in 1975 and oversaw Spain’s transition to democracy after the death of dictator Franco.

But since 2020, he has been living in exile in the United Arab Emirates after a string of scandals, including allegations that he harassed a former mistress and revelations about his lavish lifestyle and elephant hunting in Botswana. I’m here.

Juan Carlos, who abdicated in 2014 for his son, has made several recent public appearances, including at the funerals of Queen Elizabeth II of England and Constantine II of Greece.

Álvaro Vargas Llosa, the son of a novelist, posted on Twitter Thursday a photo of his father, the former king, and the monarch’s daughter Cristina, as he oversees Spain’s transition to a “free European democracy.” praised King for his role in

“Macron, who invited them to dinner tomorrow with the Spanish writer Javier Cercas, also acknowledges this,” he wrote.Serkas recently interviewed Spanish newspaper Macron El Pais.

It was not immediately clear where dinner would be served. Vargas Llosa and Controversial Spanish Ex-King Macron Dinner

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