VivaTech: French ces startup accessible for 5G private, accessible for enterprises

For personal information about 5G, please see here. Properly repurchasing infrastructure and being publicly independent, the company guarantees a highly secure service guarantee period and temporary latency to make a profit. Mandatory standards guarantee the safety of indoor and outdoor logistics.

Freely choose 5G adoption and consult investors. Les premiers retours d’expérience, de fait, sur de grands industriels comme Alcatel Submarine Networks Such ArcelorMittal. Drive projects such as communications, operations, and integration.

5G Souvenirs and Open Source

Vivatech 2023 announcement, La Donne oversees two startups. La première, Firecell, vient d’intégrer le Program French Tech 2030. Créée en 2021, cette société niçoise entend rendre la 5G privée aussi accessible que le Wi-Fi. We are proposing to provide a comprehensive package.

Firecell claims a fait accompli of manufacturing and accompanying radios with Benetel, Quectel, Sierra Wireless, Ettus, Qualcomm or Samsung. Sandrine Legrand requests privileged access to wireless communications between her AW2S concoit and manufacturing facilities in France without files. Firecell gives you logical freedom. He is a startup member and contributor of the Open Air Interface (OAI) and a community leader on open source 4G and 5G.

After access to the Center R&D and Education, start the «labkit» and launch industrial applications with the solution Orion Private 5G, identify usage, pick and logistic, pilot AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), automated transport It is used in a variety of applications such as vehicles, transportation, geolocation, and communication of goods. See Stellatis and Airbus information.

Open RAN and cloud native

BubbleRAN’s location, rather than Sophia Antipolis, will also enable 5G route proponents, as well as deployable and rapid integration into existing infrastructure, around ‘connectivity as a service’.Fully understand architectural specifications Open RANRebuild mobile and interoperable and intelligent, and aim to rebuild the equipment.

BubbleRAN is a cloud-native approach to managing container Kubernetes. Effectively utilize and promote open source solutions such as open air interfaces, srsRAN, and Open3GS. Eurecom and TechForward Incubation spin-off, development of Eurecom, Edhec, Institut Mines Télécom Troyes Development, indirect privilege of Institute and Installation. VivaTech: French ces startup accessible for 5G private, accessible for enterprises

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