What about France’s nuclear policy?

Emmanuel Macron today convenes the Presidential Council on Nuclear Policy. He aims to develop a roadmap for accelerating the industry’s revival.

The purpose of the meeting, held at the Élysée Palace, was to set the schedule for the construction of six new reactors and small SMRs and to decide on the expansion of existing reactors.

Attendees of this high-level seminar must have reviewed the 2022 edition of the comprehensive annual report produced under the direction of Mycle Schneider, a consultant specializing in the analysis of the global nuclear industry.

Chinese and Russians lead the market

“The global nuclear industry is like the bible in the field.
Chinese and Russian Most active in this field. Of the seven new reactors commissioned this year, Beijing has launched three on its territory. Russia still dominates the market as a technology provider.
This report on the world’s nuclear fleet points to cause for concern. is the age of the reactor. For example, the United States has 92 nuclear reactors with an average operating life of over 41 years, which is far from a guarantee of safety.

Fleet Corrosion and Aging

As for France, the nuclear industry is experiencing serious operational problems. Cracks associated with “stress corrosion phenomena” have been identified in the safety injection system of the most powerful nuclear reactor. .
It’s out of place in the midst of a global energy crisis.

Dark prospects for the French nuclear industry What about France’s nuclear policy?

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