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What Is Genius Hour And How Is It Beneficial In Classrooms?

Finding methods to make learning enjoyable, as well as providing students with opportunity to explore their own hobbies and display creativity, is always crucial. As a teacher, you may achieve this by using new techniques like genius hour.

We’ll go over what genius hour is, why you should consider implementing it to your pupils, and how you can implement it in your classroom in this post.

Genius hour (also known as “passion pursuit”) is a student-centered activity in which students select what they learn within a defined amount of time at school. Teachers frequently opt to apply it for one hour each week, which equates to around 20% of class time per year. It is a method of learning in which pupils are guided to study by their own interests, prior knowledge, and curiosity.

From the outside, it appears to be less organised, formal, and standardised than traditional education. Student self-direction, passion-based learning, curiosity, and autonomy describe Genius Hour as truly “unrestricted” learning.

Benefits of introducing Genius Hour in classroom:

Students follow their own ideas

Genius Hour may be seen as a reaction to the rigorous, test-driven, and “achievement-focused” attitude that the testing-based paradigm of school reform has fostered in schools over the last two or three decades. Learning for the sake of learning, creating for the sake of creating, and doing for the sake of doing allows (actually, requires) students to explore their own ideas and follow their own instincts.

Teachers can encourage active use of technology while also meeting important state learning standards by implementing this self-guided learning strategy.

Genius hour encourages creativity and critical thinking for a lifetime

Soft talents, such as curiosity, are essential for job success. Students are also less likely to be scared by technology if they use it to explore their interests. Genius hour also aids in the development of a learning culture that children will carry with them throughout their lives.

Boosting social skills and confidence

Genius hour sessions quite similar in nature to workshops, with students collaborating when they need assistance or want to share their ideas. This improves their social skills and self-esteem in the classroom.

Metacognitive skills development: Students develop their metacognitive skills by planning, monitoring, assessing, and changing their own learning. These abilities are essential for good learning.

A novel approach to meeting standards

Genius Hour is a period of time set aside for students to concentrate on projects that are related to both their interests and the curriculum. It is a good idea to develop a general lesson aim that fulfils standards and then let students to explore it in their own ways.

Genius Hour enables differentiated and individualised learning

We frequently discuss the need of differentiated education. However, creating a plethora of varied classes for various skill levels and student interests might be difficult. Genius Hour is an opportunity for pupils to select the framework, method, theme, and final result. Genius Hour is a great time to develop important multidisciplinary connections. Students can draw links between topics while also bringing their own perspective.

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