What We Really Know About Vaccines (part 2 of 2): Impact, Corruption, and Manipulation

In his book Antivax toi-même!, published by Guy Trédaniel, science journalist Xavier Bazin argues that vaccines are not only a matter of medicine and science, but also of money, corruption and manipulation. is shown. Interview (Part 2).

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Antivax Himself (book cover)

Beyond what you call the vaccine religion and belief in “life-saving vaccines”, there is also big business in the vaccine race.

This has been especially noticeable over the last 30 years. Previously, vaccines didn’t bring big sales to pharmaceutical companies. However, in 1986, US law prevented vaccine manufacturers from being sued for side effects. The state pays. At the same time, the U.S. government began recommending pediatric vaccines. This led to an explosion in the number of vaccines created. Changes in technology have made production more cost-effective. The advantage of vaccines over drugs is that when recommended or required by the state, there is no need for advertising and the state will promote them. Moreover, they are aimed at the whole population as a preventive measure, not just those suffering from diseases. Finally, given the complexity of manufacturing, it is very difficult to patent a vaccine. To ensure a production line with sufficient safety, it has to be a really big lab. That is, it cannot be generalized. In this way, vaccines have, over time, become a very important growth driver for the laboratories that manufacture vaccines.

corrupt health authorities

Therefore, we understand that it would be very interesting for these laboratories to reach out to health authorities to recommend or mandate vaccines…

Yes, there is also something called systemic corruption, which can be conscious or unconscious, direct or indirect. In my book, I give the satirical example of his former FDA (Food and Drug Administration – U.S. Drug Administration, Editor’s Note) resignation in 2019. A Pfizer board member with a salary of about $300,000 a year! It turns out that you don’t even need to corrupt the regime in a direct way. Whether you are in a position to approve a vaccine or drug, or not, all you need to know is that your decisions can lead to very lucrative careers in the pharmaceutical industry. The FDA is a key strategic target for laboratories, as FDA decisions are generally followed by other countries.

Bill Gates impact on WHO

Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and another organization he founded in 2000, Gavi (the Vaccine Alliance, WHO’s two largest private funders), Bill Gates has been appointed to the World Health Organization. It may even have a direct impact.

Bill Gates’ influence on WHO is immeasurable. First, he is its greatest personal contributor. Secondly, because private donations are allocated, unlike those of his member states. In other words, it is aimed at programs that these individual contributors want to implement. And for Bill Gates, who clearly has a purely technical health vision, these are vaccine programs to combat infectious diseases in the world. influence national health policies.

In France, an example of cayuzac

What about our political leaders? Are they also corrupted or affected in any way by the lab?

It’s difficult to know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. Especially so at the prestigious dinner of the President of the Republic and the pharmaceutical industry. I know they exist, but they are not on the agenda and there are no minutes. on the other hand, Cayuzac incident Revealed facts that make you imagine what’s going on undercover. This is a man who was in charge of pharmaceuticals at the Ministry of Health, who happened to find out years later that he had been bribed by a medical device manufacturer. As soon as he left the ministry, he became a consultant for Pfizer, paying him hundreds of thousands of euros. This is just the tip of the iceberg in my opinion, but you get the idea.

Communication and Misinformation

It also describes the crucial role that communication and public relations agencies have played in not only promoting vaccines but also silencing critics.

Publicis is one of the leading advertising and public relations agencies for large pharmaceutical companies. It was a Sanofi agent and at the time he was a GSK agent. It is also one of three agencies chosen by the French government to conduct awareness campaigns on Covid and vaccination. But this same Publicis also funds an organization called NewsGuard. The organization’s goal is to combat “misinformation” on the Internet by determining which sites can be trusted. Also, NewsGuard has been cited as a reference in the press and media. So you know what’s going on. Publicis, on the other hand, has research institutes and governments as its customers, and it does marketing ads to “flood the region” with favorable arguments, as they say. On the other hand, they fund organizations that dismiss and demonize media that argue to the contrary. It’s pretty effective.

formatted media

Let’s talk mainstream media. Overall, they are less critical of vaccines. This is even more true of Covid vaccines, not to mention the actual omatas that rule the ill effects. How do you account for this uniformity in the media?

First of all, I think there is conformism to go along with the government for a variety of reasons. But then again, there is the underground clout of PR agencies. I mean, you wake up in the morning and all the media are talking about the same thing. It’s important to know that these agencies take orders and pay journalists to write turnkey articles, completely tailored to their client’s interests. These articles are sent to the various media that publish them, often without changing the line. A journalist who has worked for one of these institutions for a long time testifies to this in Corona. It’s enlightening. Another major influence is that of major news outlets such as AFP, Reuters and AP. It rains or shines on the information published in the media and the perceptions journalists have of reality.These institutions are all members Trusted News Initiative, a kind of consortium launched in 2019 by the BBC to combat “disinformation”. Also includes Facebook, Twitter and Google/YouTube. I wonder who in this organization is judging the truth. There must be someone or some group of people, but who? don’t understand. In any case, during Covid, the watchword was that vaccination was the only way back to normal life and that all criticism was disinformation. It was seen everywhere.

vaccines and bioweapons

Another enlightening chapter in your book is the one devoted to the military’s role in vaccine manufacturing. and explain why they “have fun” and improve the functionality of the virus.

The military’s role is highly secretive and fundamental to understanding, even when information is hard to come by. But there are a number of troubling factors, starting with the fact that it was the U.S. military that was the beachhead for Covid vaccine implementation. We brought an experimental vaccine to market in record time. why? very. What you need to know is that for a century bioweapons have been the obsession of every military force in the world either to create it or to protect themselves from what their enemies might create. That’s it. A treaty banning biological weapons research was signed in 1972 by several countries, but some, such as China, have not. In addition, the treaty has major loopholes. The creation of biological weapons is prohibited, but research for defense purposes is permitted. What does “defensive” mean? That means creating vaccines to protect against bioweapon attacks. But to create a vaccine, you must first create a weapon that your opponent may have developed from a genetically engineered virus or bacterium. So, in reality, the creation of biological weapons never stops.

Eliminate the risk of vaccine hesitation

Paranoid tactics go as far as creating a “monster” that you are trying to fight. That’s pretty crazy… but what effect does it have on the general public?

The military’s role is to be paranoid because it has to be prepared for every situation and consider the worst. Another of the Army’s obsessions is keeping production plants up and running to ensure continuity of service. To this end, we believe that the entire population must be ready to be vaccinated rapidly in the event of a biological attack. It is no coincidence that simulated bioterrorist attacks have been regularly organized by the military since the 2000s. The most well-known is the US Operation Dark Winter, which simulated a smallpox attack. The conclusion was that tens of millions could die if the entire population were not vaccinated in time. and informed consent is irrelevant. If it has to be followed and there are casualties from adverse effects, it is part of the collateral loss that must be accepted for the common good. What’s the best way to eliminate the risk of pneumonia? To always maintain public confidence in whatever the vaccine is. So I think there is a genuine interest in the military and the government maintaining the vaccine religion. That way people are ready to comply and can get vaccinated without hesitation if needed.

  • to read: “Anti-Bacs and Meme!” Xavier Bazin, Guy Trédaniel Éditeur (November 2022). Foreword by CNRS researcher Dr. Michel de Lorgeril. What We Really Know About Vaccines (part 2 of 2): Impact, Corruption, and Manipulation

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