Why French Roulette Is Better than Most Online Roulette Variants

Roulette is a French game whose popularity spread like fire at the end of 1700s. Since then, there hasn’t been a part of the world where at least one form of roulette hasn’t been played.

Furthermore, as the game spread across the globe, new variations begun to spring up like mushrooms. Today, there are three main online roulette variants that you can play at the best online casino sites in the world – the French Roulette, European Roulette, and finally, the American Roulette. Each has its own perks, but one stands as the best of the three: the French variant. Stick with us if you want to find out why French roulette is the best online roulette variant of the three.

It Has Only One Zero

We could talk about the perks of playing French roulette for days, but we’ll shorten the discussion to two simple reasons.

  1. It has only one zero like European roulette
  2. It includes En Prison and La Partage rules

Only two reasons are enough to prove that French Roulette is the best kind of roulette you can play online and at land-based gambling venues. Regardless of the medium you choose – be it to play via live streams, in RNG mode, or in person – you will surely benefit from playing the French variant.

The main advantage is the single-zero wheel. Like the European version, French roulette wheel has 37 positions in total, and only one is a zero. The wheel includes numbers 1 to 36, half of which are Red, and the rest are Black.

Thanks to the presence of only one zero, both European and French Roulette have a house edge of only 2.70%, which means players enjoy a Return to Player of up to 97.30%. On the other hand, the American roulette variant has two zeros, which makes its house edge significantly higher. The house advantage at an American roulette table is 5.26%, almost double of what you get by joining a European/ French table.

This proves that French Roulette is a better, more player-friendly variant than any other version you might pick. However, many naysayers will note that French roulette has the same RTP and edge as its European cousin, which makes them equally beneficial for the punters. To a certain extent, yes, they are very similar; but there is one major difference that clearly tips the scales in favor of the French variant.

It Has Special En Prison & La Partage Rules

Almost all roulette tables employ the same rules, which helps make the game more accessible and more popular across the globe. There is rarely confusion about who plays next, what’s the game goal, etc. All players agree that their main goal is to correctly predict the number on which the ball will stop in the next wheel spin, or if hitting the precise number is hard, try to at least predict the range of the numbers. It all sounds easy enough, right?

Well, many punters find the standard rules too hard and not very player-friendly, considering how volatile gameplay is. Therefore, they are always looking for ways to increase their winning chances, either by employing roulette strategies, or asking for new features and rules. Roulette strategies help a great deal, but it’s always better to have player-oriented rules than not, right?

Hence French Roulette takes the crown because it has two very special game rules that other variants don’t. The first rule is the La Partage, which means sharing. The rule applies to even money bets that players have lost. When this rule is at play, the losing bet is split 50:50 between the punter and the house, so the player loses only half of the wager, and not the entire sum.

The En Prison rule means that a losing even-money bet is kept at the table as a sort of imprisonment, which means it is not automatically lost. This gives the punters a second chance to win, as if they do indeed win in the next roll, the stake will be returned to the punter. These two rules slash the house edge further, and French Roulette thus has a house edge of only 1.35%, which is the best edge in the entire roulette sphere.


French Roulette is not that different from European and American versions. In fact, there are only two differences that are notable, and both are so small that you’d hardly notice them if they weren’t highlighted. However, it’s important to note that, no matter how small they are, both are very important: as both the two special Rules and the single-zero wheel bring down the house edge. Thanks to its single-zero status, French roulette has a 2.70% edge which is then also brought down to 1.35% with En Prison and La Partage rules. No other game can boast such incredible player-friendly settings and rules, which makes this variant one of the best roulette variants in live and online mode. After all, it is a French game at its core – thanks to Blaise Pascal, the little wheel came to be known as one of the most popular gambling games it the world!

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