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World’s largest hot air balloon gathering

From July 21 to 30, 2023, over 700 pilots from 50 countries will gather at the Chambray-Bussières airfield in Meurthe-et-Moselle, France, for the magical Grand Est Mondial Balloon (GEMAB).

Hundreds of balloons of all shapes and colors take to the skies of Lorraine for 10 days. The slogan for this biennial event is ‘What Brings Us Together’. And what unites his half a million visitors, 3,000 pilots and crew from many countries, is the magic of colorful bubbles in the sky morning and evening.

Mass Takeoff and Pilot Parade

Philippe Bron-Pillatre (photo GEMAB)

Founded more than 30 years ago by ex-AFP reporter turned event organizer Philippe Bron-Pilartre (PBP), the Mondial Air Baron is a celebration of sport, popularity and economics, and is celebrated in the middle of summer. One of the biggest events in the world (more than €40 million in economic spin-offs), this great aviation festival is awaited by lovers of the air station epic.
The program includes Aerial Entertainment: Hot Air Balloon Massive Takeoff starting at 7am (weather permitting). And on the ground, you can experience incredible activities such as balloon bellies, mini hot air balloons, virtual reality hot air balloon flights, the Piratere de Rosier Aviation Museum… in microlights, planes, gliders and of course hot air balloons. First flight.
The day ends with a pilot parade and hot air balloon mass take-off. July 21st and 28th: ​​Night of Astronomy.

10 days celebration

GEMAB represents the very best in social, cultural and generational diversity. Over 400 volunteers and members of the organization work together to create this 10-day celebration of his.
“It is important to remember that with the support of the Grand Est region and its 200 partners, we are able to provide admission and parking for our visitors,” emphasizes Philippe Bron-Pilator.
Please note that about 30 high school students (PPA-Passeport pour l’Aventure operation) will participate in this international event. as well as the 3rd RHC of Etain, the French Navy, BA 133 of Nancy-Hoche, and the SIRPA affiliated with Lycée Jean-Zé’s Aviation Division of Journey (54) and the 1st Army Militia Regiment. Born in Montigny-les-Metz.
Organized by Jean-François Pilâtre de Rosier (1754-1785), who, in collaboration with the “saventurier” Bertrand Piccard, paved the way for the famous Conquest of Lorraine, a native of Metz-born Lorraine. Celebrate the 240th anniversary of human flight. Air from Paris on November 21, 1783.

https://frenchdailynews.com/economy/10653-the-worlds-largest-hot-air-balloon-gathering World’s largest hot air balloon gathering

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