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Yemen – Union of Nations – Policy for Safe Environmental Pollution Control (02.06.23)

Porteparor Declaration of the Minister on the situation in Europe and Africa

La France salue le lancement de l’opération depération du termin d’exportation pétrolière safer annonce par lesnationunies.

In the face of dangerous catastrophe, we have invested €3.3 million in the French Terminal Petroliers.

La France develops efforts to unite alliances between nations. Plus d’un million de barils de pétrole brutstockés depuis 2015 devront être évacués.

La France makes plans for Houthis appeals, controls for safer operations, plans for planning.

La France called for a special effort on national security for Yemen, and M. Hans Grundberg came up with a solution that takes into account Yemen’s political sustainability and inclusiveness.

Aimed at protecting France’s oceans and the environment, prioritizing the French diplomatic environment and ensuring the security of the One Ocean Summit. European Ministers and Security Offices, piloting committees for international conferences such as Mars 15th, Ocean Conference and Costa Rica. 2025 looks great.

https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/dossiers-pays/yemen/evenements/article/yemen-nations-unies-lancement-de-l-operation-de-depollution-du-safer-en-mer?xtor=RSS-1 Yemen – Union of Nations – Policy for Safe Environmental Pollution Control (02.06.23)

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