France struggles to shake off routine sexism, especially among young men

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Despite the #MeToo movement, sexism in France remains at ‘worrisome’ levels, with many young men seeing discriminatory or violent behavior against women as acceptable, says a French senior official. A report from the agency (HCE) revealed.

“Sexism has not declined in France. On the contrary, some of its most violent manifestations have worsened, with younger generations most affected,” HCE wrote in its report. It was announced on Monday, describing the situation as “alarming.”

Based on a survey of 2,500 people, HCEMoreIt is an independent advisory body.

While there had been “undeniable progress in women’s rights,” the HCE five years later #me too “French society continues to be highly sexist in all areas”, and sexist stereotypes and clichés have proven difficult to challenge, especially among the 25-34 year old group.

forced to change behavior

Thirty-seven percent of respondents say they have experienced non-consensual sex, including unprotected sex at the request of a partner (12%) and sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs (7%).

90% of women surveyed said sexism changed their daily behavior. Half of the time, I stopped going out, did activities alone, and wore whatever I wanted.

80% of the women questioned believed they were ‘treated worse’ in their lives than men because of their gender.

The “masculinist” cliché

However, the men did not find it difficult to “worry” or feel personally responsible for their sexist behavior. report found.

A quarter of them downplayed sexual violence and said they were ‘too careful’ [was] paid for sexual assault.”

The report highlighted “masculinist clichés” among the 25-34 year old group. About 20% said they had to brag about their sexual exploitation “to be respected as a man” in society. Use violence to gain respect.”

Regardless of age, 40% felt that it was normal for women to stop working to raise children.

Only half of women under 35 found the image of women over 65 to be “problematic,” compared to 79% of women over 65.

HCE reveals male ‘backlash’ across French society, launching ‘masculinist raid’ on social media aimed at ‘silencing and discrediting’ women I made it

It attributed the worsening situation to new phenomena such as online violence, verbal abuse on social media, and pornography production with “barbaric” content.

The majority of respondents said the French authorities had not done enough to address the issue.

campaign to change mindset

“Ordinary sexism is a breeding ground for violent sexism,” HCE president Sylvie-Pierre Brosolette told Agence France-Presse.

“To combat it, we need to take measures that affect mentality from a very young age.”

She called “massive action” in education and tighter regulation of the online realm.

She also advocated for the creation of public and independent institutions to combat sexist violence in politics. Last year’s sexual harassment allegations.

To change mindsets, HCE recommended banning sex toys for children and making public funding conditional on the condition that companies respect gender equality.

Pierre Brosollet will hand over the report to President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday. anti sexism day.

HCE ran an advertising campaign for public and private media with the slogan, “We don’t always know how sexism starts, but we know how it ends.” I’m here. France struggles to shake off routine sexism, especially among young men

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