How Popular is iGaming in France?

Gambling has always been a pretty popular activity in France, so it’s not hard to assume that the online gambling market is a thriving space by extension. Generally, this is true. While there have been some significant fluctuations in player numbers and revenues made in the last few years, this has mainly been due to regulatory changes sweeping the scene.

With online gambling legislation and regulations pretty much under wraps now, online gambling fans can freely enjoy their favourite pastime on several popular sites. Naturally, they’re taking full advantage of this, which is clear to see when your account for the all-time high of gambling revenue made in France in the last quarter of 2021!

Slots are King

The popularity of iGaming in France is hard to dispute. Players seem to enjoy a variety of online gaming categories when visiting real money casinos, like the kind found on https://www.casinoinquirer.com/real-money-casinos/, with slots taking centre stage in most cases. While several things may account for these preferences, availability and variety are the most influential.

If you’re familiar with the online casino scene, you know slots are the most common game type in nearly every casino lobby. These titles are a dime a dozen, with some operators hosting more than a thousand slot games! Sure, there are too many of these games to count, but they’re not all cheap copies of each other. They boast different themes, prizes, odds, and features!

Horse Racing Craze

The online gambling scene includes more than just online casino games. Sports betting is in a league of its own, and French players seem to know this well. While there’s a natural increase in the popularity of sports betting in France during big events, this tends to be short-lived. Usually, this increase appears during the Football World Cup and some of the other popular tournaments surrounding this beloved sport.

Surprisingly enough, there’s one sports betting category French players love to bet on all year round – horse racing! It seems the tracks are a fan favourite among French gamblers, as this category gets the most traction in the region, amassing the highest revenue for sportsbooks. We’re not sure which part of this sport brings fans the most satisfaction, but if we had to guess, we’d say it’s the excitement of rooting for the speeding stallions down the track.

Social Gaming

Most people don’t consider the social aspect online gambling brings with it. While there are many RNG titles you can enjoy solo, Live Casino games, Bingos, and online Poker rooms tend to foster a safe environment for some friendly banter. This plays a big part in the rising popularity of online gambling among French users, as many of them prefer these particular titles.

Poker rooms seem to be the go-to option for French players. These tables invite several users to take a seat while adding a chat option below the screen where you can converse with other participants. Of course, these rooms are usually moderated by a dealer, ensuring playful ribbing doesn’t escalate into a toxic environment, as is the norm in many online-based communities.


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