Thousands of people leave the capital each year, Paris’ population declines

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According to a report released by France’s National Institute of Statistics and Economy, the population of the French capital is decreasing by an average of 12,400 people each year.

Paris is the only area in the Ile-de-France region to lose its population, according to a report by the National Institute for Statistics and Economics released this Thursday.

In the seven years covered by Insee researchthe population of the City of Light has decreased from 2.22 million in 2014 to 2.14 million in 2020.

This translates to an average loss of 12,400 residents per year.

The numbers confirm a trend that has been going on for years.

According to Insee, “In Paris, the population continues to decline and has been declining for the past nine years.”

The reason for this trend is clear. “Departures from the capital are particularly motivated by rising housing costs, a declining supply of large family homes and the search for alternative lifestyles,” the institute said.

7 wards most affected by population outflow

In detail, statistics show a slight decline in the peripheral districts of the capital.

Therefore, the northern 18th arrondissement – one of the most populous – 4% of the population, about 8000 people lost.

But in District 7, an upscale residential area of ​​48,520 residents, about 7,000 former residents packed up and left. This was the most pronounced decline in the Paris region, which fell by 12.6%.

head of a ward Rachida Dati Emphasizing that her borough is plagued by traffic problems and construction work that slows down bus lines, she said: “Paris is always dirty and unsafe.

“For many years I have asked the City Hall of Paris to create intermediate housing Allow families to stay in District 7. Finally, we fear that the city’s decision to raise property taxes will accelerate the turnover of previously owned people,” Dati added.

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4 central districts in high demand

According to Insee, only two wards are reporting population growth, with ward 9 increasing by 1.3% and ward 4 by 8.5%.

According to socialist mayor Ariel Weil, Central Paris – Reorganize the four central districts under one government – ​​Since 2001, the Socialist Party has pursued policies aimed at creating living space for all social classes.

“We buy government and office buildings and convert them into social and intermediate housing,” says Weil. .”

District 4 – Average price is 14,000 euros per square meter – Even after the Covid crisis it was always in great demand by Parisians and foreign clients.

But a change in overall trajectory is not imminent, as Insee believes the City of Light will fall below the 2 million population threshold between 2050 and 2059. Thousands of people leave the capital each year, Paris’ population declines

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